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Top 10 best ways to conserve your battery – save wastage

Article by on Monday, 25 July 2011

1) Try not to use live wallpapers

Live wallpapers have to do more work, and more cycles means more power. Sure they look cool, but having a phone die half way through the day doesn’t

2) Set your screen timeout to something (dont just leave screen on forever)

On all phones there is a screen timeout option. We usually put it to the longest to save being annoyed when reading web pages etc, but with Android and iPhones the screen won’t turn off anyway, so there really is no reason to have this set for so long.

10-15 seconds is usually long enough and will save you considerable time.

3) Stop gaming when you need battery

If you need to make you phone’s battery last longer than 1 working day, it would be advisable to stop gaming, and to only perform general tasks. Sounds obvious but gaming uses a huge amount more power than general text based phone activities due tot he GPU working overtime (Especially Tegra 2 devices).

4) Don’t use your camera’s flash unless you absolutely need it

There’s an auto setting on the camera for a reason, sometimes using it will do nothing, especially if there’s enough ambient light to correctly illuminate the image. Make sure the flash is set to auto and not always on.

5) use the correct radios for your environment

You have your general mobile connection, wifi, Bluetooth, 2G (GSM), data/internet connection (3G – UMTS), GPS, and/or 4G.

4G uses the most power, then GPS, then 3G etc. It doesn’t make any sense to keep all radios on at the same time, especially if you’re in an area that cannot benefit from their usage.

For example in this office, I never have 3G connectivity, so I use Wifi for data and (When lucky) GSM for calls. There is no good reason to leave 3G UMTS continuously searching, draining battery. The same advice goes for GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi for times when they are not going to be used.

Turn them off, seriously.

6) Turn off always on mobile data

What this does is prevent your phone’s data from being on constantly. Most handsets will disable data after a long period of idling, which is fine for normal conditions, how much does it matter 4 hours into your sleep?

This won’t affect your email or other apps that require syncing either, these have their own syncing schedules.

Using a HTC phone, the method for turning this off is menu, settings, wireless & networks, mobile networks, disable always on mobile data.

7 ) Manage syncing.

When you setup your device initially I bet there were options for stocks, weather, mail clients social media etc… The thing is many of these widgets and apps may be continuously syncing even if no accounts have been setup (crazy right).

Even those allowed to sync maybe have the wrong, too frequent schedules.

8 ) Turn off vibrate.

Both the internal vibrate motor for calls and haptic use lots of power, it’s obvious, they move and movement costs energy. Do you really need a vibrate as well as a ring? If not then turn this off to save oodles of battery.

9) Never let your battery fully deplete

With modern phones and batteries a reserve is kept within the battery for simply rememberingg the batteries state, so when your phone reads 0%, chances are it’s actually 5%. But if you keep turning it on to try and squeeze what is left, then potentially you’re eating into that 5%. As the safety reserves deplete the batteries memory is lost and can mean that a full charge is never possible again.

The best way to preserver the life of a Lithium Ion battery is to keep it full, really full, sometimes even double charging and trickle charging to try and squeeze as much extra capacity as possible. Fully draining and charging does nothing but damage modern batteries yet still is advised by many (battery companies I imagine).

and 10)……….Turn the screen brightness down!

Sound obvious but when indoors your phone is perfectly usable with the screen brightness right down (and chances are its useless outside regardless of the brightness setting).

Turn it down and you’ll see 30-40% extra life immediately. It’s obvious but often overlooked.

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